Relevad Corporation is the leading Internet technology research and development company. For the last seven years our patented and patent-pending technologies have been licensed by numerous customers.

The technologies can be separated in three groups:

  • Relevad Semantic Technologies
  • Relevad Search Behavioral Technologies
  • Relevad Strategy Optimization Technologies

Relevad Semantic Technologies:
Set of patented real-time text and keywords classification and clusterization technologies built based on analysis of over 1.1 Billion web pages and over 100 Billion search queries.

Semantic Technologies allows Relevad's RTB Platforms to:

  • Understand publisher intent, provide instant categorization for web content, and create meta-tags;
  • Improve RTB quality and protection by real-time identification of sites that contain sensitive content (health, adult, crime, gambling, adult language, etc.)
  • Replace long-tail keywords by semantically relevant head keywords and therefore optimize monetization
  • Deploy proprietary broad match bidding

Relevad Behavioral Technologies:
The proprietary patent-pending set of algorithms allowing real-time integration of 100 Million search requests (over 100 Billion search queries) with cookie information from RTB-Display Platform. These algorithms create predictions of user intent based on their search activity on the web.

Relevad Strategy Optimization Technologies:
The proprietary set of algorithms and rules allowing real-time use of conversion pixels in order to adjust campaign attributes and improve system yield with minimum human intervention

Unique Integrated Real-Time Technologies Make Relevad RTB Solutions Powerful and Effective:

  • All of Relevad's technologies are unified and integrated in a single Relevad Technology Engine and are used in all Platforms and Services
  • Integrated technologies allow Relevad to work more efficiently than other platforms and therefore obtain a deeper and more meaningful analysis in less time
  • Integrated technologies allow Relevad to provide advanced Dynamic Retargeting, Search Retargeting, and Semantic Bidding Strategies in a single package with RTB-Quality and Protection Solution without any additional charges or effort from the customer site
  • Integrated technologies allow Relevad to build an optimal monetization strategy for its ad-driven publisher network, create PPC or Display campaigns of any complexity, and utilize user's search intentions to drive conversions.

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