About Relevad Corporation


Relevad's mission is to help publishers maximize their revenue through advanced technology and access to key marketplaces. Relevad serves the advertising industry as a publisher aggregator, connecting publishers with advertisers most interested in their inventory.


Relevad Corporation is a programmatic advertising technology company connecting publishers with ad exchanges and marketplaces. Its main product is the proprietary Releton software platform for real-time omni-channel publisher inventory monetization.

The Releton platform seamlessly integrates search engine marketing and programmatic ad placement technologies to give publishers real time access to quality audiences, semantic analysis, and user intelligence. The platform is based on patented Relevad Technology and serves as a foundation for all Services and Solutions provided by Relevad to publishers and technology partners.

Founded in 2005, Relevad is a privately funded company headquarted in San Mateo, CA with a sales and operations office in New Jersey.


Yakov Kamen - CEO

Yakov Kamen

Yakov is a seasoned entrepreneur. Before co-founding Relevad, Yakov was co-founder, original CEO, and CTO of iSurfTV (sold to Tribune in 2003). He also held key roles as Senior Engineering Manager at Epson R&D, Market Development Manager at NVIDIA, and Research Engineer at SUN Microsystems and Fujitsu. Yakov earned his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics. He has 24 issued and 30 pending patents.

Yury Kamen - CTO

Yury Kamen

Yury manages Relevad's Engineering and Technology. Before co-founding Relevad, Yury was a Senior Staff Engineer and Researcher at Sun Microsystems (SunLabs), Engineering Manager at Genesys Telecommunication (Alcatel) and Viewgraphics (Optibase). Yury holds an MS in Computer Science. He has 12 issued and 20 pending patents.